Quality Assurance

At NAS safety, quality and customer satisfaction are our priorities. We highlight food safety issues before they become problems, protecting our brands and consumers. This has been the result of the design and implementation of programmes that assess food safety and quality throughout our supply chain based on HACCP and ISO 22000 standards.

The Quality Assurance department and the Food Safety team provide complete management of the overall programme, driving performance improvements. The NAS team has the expertise to ensure that the food we serve is expertly prepared and in accordance with local, HACCP, ISO 22000 and international hygiene standards.

Our success is guaranteed because:

  1. The ingredients and products used in food preparation are of the highest quality and supported by robust supplier management coupled with strong partnerships.
  2. Food is prepared under sanitary conditions without risk of contamination.
  3. Robust quality assurance of ingredients, online, bulk and finished products supported by our in house ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.
  4. All employees are provided with the information, training and tools needed to do their jobs in a hygienic and compliant manner.
  5. Employees comply with our food safety procedures and policies.
  6. Managers of the business lead by example.
  7. We constantly review and implement changes in our food safety management system.
  8. We measure our performance in relation to food safety and quality through internal and external audits and customer feedback.
  9. We embrace the KAIZEN principles that support lean management and operational excellence.



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